Wire Marker Books

Writable Wire Markers

The simplest cable labeling system manufactured in the USA, these Cable Labels can be used with the permanent markers or ballpoint pens and the clear tail overlaps the writing area for protection with transparent film coated with acrylic adhesive service temp -40F to 176F.

You simply write on the white area with your permanent marker or ballpoint and peel off the cable labels then wrap around the cables. These pocket-sized cable label booklets can be used for marking wire and cable.


RWB 50 Canada
Tech Cable Labels RWB-50 | Wire Marker -Vinyl Booklet – RWB-50 0.50″W x 1.25″L

Write & Tag booklets are available in a convenient 3″ x 6″ size booklet and are a great to fit into the technician’s pockets. Each booklet contains 10 pages of self-laminating markers made of .004″ thick clear vinyl film, using an acrylic adhesive and mounted on a release liner. You simply write your legend on the white surface, remove the label from the booklet, and wrap it around the cable. The transparent tail laminates over your hand-written text to provide protection and assure readability over time, each book has 240 labels.

Our wire marker books are a quick and convenient way to mark your cables. These slim, pocket-sized cable label booklets are great for the cabling Technician’s and give wire marking an onsite solution for all the cables as you install them before installation.

Our Write & Tag books are made of a clear matte flexible vinyl film with a permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.

The white area is designed to be handwritten using a permanent marker or pen.

The clear over-laminate offer protection of your text from handling and environmental exposures.