How to Save Big on Your Cable Labels

When you use your handheld printer worth $300 or more, with these tapes that cost $26 – $35 dollars it starts to add up with the cable labels.

The in the middle of the install your tape runs out, so another round trip for someone costing over $100 in time and materials.

Well, there is a better way, keep your handheld printer for the old job but let our cable labels save you lots of money.

From $1.99 per sheet for 49 labels and our free web-site printing, you can save a bunch.

So let’s send you some samples to test and start saving BIG money on your cabling and network installations.

cable labels
Top cable Labels
Cable Labels

Our company provides you with the most cost-effective cable labels and wire marking products in Canada.

Our FREE web-based labeling software and templates give you the printing tools for FREE to printing your wire markers. Same day standard fixed price shipping from the USA with FREE samples and tech support.

We make and distribute the most quality driven wire markers designed by technicians for use by technicians around the world. To make the most technician-friendly and easy-to-use products for cabling engineers. To understand every technician’s requirement and offer one on one support. Our new TCL 49 Network Cable labels made for most wire labeling and Cat6 networks, these new markers are the best.

Our products are made in the USA to support the structured cabling installations for all Network labeling, the quality is better and costs less than any Canadian or European competitors, our printable labels, and laser sheets are the Best around the world. Over the years we have worked out the best cable labels and labeling software that help you with all cable marking, wire marking linking this with our new labeling software makes any cat6 patch cord stand out. Structured cabling with the best wire markers helps and saves money in the long run, any Cat6 structured cabling wire marking that is not used or installed will cause problems later. Our wire labeling and structured cabling teams know that the best wire markers come from cable labels Canada.

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